Online Consultation – Draft Principles of the Expert Panel on Education and Prevention of Sexual Violence

  • The Expert Panel on Education and Prevention of Sexual Violence is seeking input from all members of the University community on a draft of its guiding principles for sexual violence education and prevention initiatives. The Expert Panel’s mandate is to provide the Provost with principles to guide the development of evidence-based training and education related to sexual violence prevention; and to provide advice and guidance on updating the content and delivery of existing programs.

    The Expert Panel asks you to review the draft principles and provide your comments in the space below. The Expert Panel is especially interested in areas in which you believe the principles could be improved, as well as in any gaps that you identify or additions that you think should be made. Online consultation will remain open until April 10, 2017.

    The Expert Panel will also be holding in-person consultation sessions on all three campuses for students, faculty and staff. More information about these sessions is available on the Provost’s Office website.

    Questions about the consultation process can be directed to

  • Read the draft principles of the Expert Panel here.

  • Provide feedback