Online Consultation about the Faculty of Forestry

Discussions about the appropriate structure to support the research and programs of the Faculty of Forestry have been ongoing for many years.

In late March, the Provost announced a collegial, inclusive, and deliberative process of exploration and consultation about the Faculty of Forestry under paragraph 5 of the Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Librarians on Academic Restructuring:

5. Prior to an Academic Restructuring being proposed, faculty members and librarians of potentially affected Academic Units must have had a reasonable opportunity to participate in a collegial, inclusive, and deliberative process in which the context and parameters of potential Academic Restructuring could be explored and during which their input was sought.

This website is one avenue through which faculty members and librarians, as well as students, staff and other stakeholders, were invited to provide input as part of the collegial, inclusive, and deliberative process exploring the context and parameters of potential academic restructuring.

The first round of consultations invited submissions through this website until June 30, 2017 including (but not limited to) consideration of:

  • Relationships between the academic programs and research within the Faculty of Forestry and those in other related disciplines and units – such as (but not limited to) forest conservation, geography, environmental studies, sustainability, Indigenous studies, materials engineering, and natural resources management.
  • Potential structures that will allow academic programs and research related to forest sciences to flourish at the University, and have stability and sustainability.

In addition to this open online consultation, in-person meetings were held with stakeholders.

The Provost’s Office has now produced a discussion paper summarizing the consultations to date. Feedback is welcome about these conversations, as are specific suggestions about academic restructuring proposals or models that account for the considerations above.

Individuals may submit questions or feedback through the website using the form below or by email at